School Administration

Nancy Davis

Head of School

Nancy joined the Undercroft administrative staff in August, 2009. She first discovered Montessori education in 1986 when her son began attending a small Montessori school. Like many parents, she loved what she saw happening there and decided to pursue her Montessori training. She received her certification in San Diego and has taught children from early childhood through upper elementary. She served as a Montessori consultant for a public magnet program in North Carolina and, after receiving her state certification, served as principal of the same school. During that time, Nancy also earned her Master’s Degree in School Administration. A move to Illinois led to an administrative position overseeing the operations and educational programs of a network of retreat/conferences centers across the U.S. 

Sydney Atchison

Business Officer

Sydney joined the Undercroft Administrative Staff in June 2017. Sydney brings to Undercroft an extensive background that includes finance & accounting, human resources, education administration, and customer service. Her experience spans both for profit and non-profit sectors. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Northeastern State University and also holds a Master’s in Business Administration. While Montessori was new to Sydney, she has found that it aligns with a lot of her personal beliefs and is enjoying being a part of the Undercroft Community.

Lesley Wilkin

Admissions Coordinator

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Development Director


Hillary Gann

Administrative Assistant

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 Loren Westergaard


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 Joe Canaan

Facilities Coordinator




Facilities Assistant

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Board of Directors

The following is the all-volunteer Board of Directors of Undercroft Montessori School. The Board meets once a month, usually the 2nd Tuesday of the month (refer to the current school year calendar for meeting dates and times.) We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation as classified by the Internal Revenue Service. As a parent, you are a member of this corporation and your input and opinions are a valuable part of our organization. Parents are encouraged to attend and voice their concerns and ideas. The board provides guidance and direction for the school, oversees budgeting and tuition rates, and ensures the school maintains its focus on its educational mission.

David Daugherty
Scott Ferris
Jackie Griffin
Evie Houston
Zuri Jones
Shai Kaiser
Barrie Lamberton
Jogi Makhani
Alison Meeks
Tess Merrifield
Melissa Moran
Brett Palmer
Becca Povlock
Erin Rich
Katie Sachse
Heidi Shadid
Dave Sherry
Robert Thomas





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