Moving Forward Together!

Please see our UMS Plan for Healthy Operations for 2021-2022

Dear Undercroft Families,

We've been busy preparing for the start of the new school year and are excited to see our students return in just a couple of weeks!

Among our many preparations has been a review of our pandemic plan. We are beginning this school year with the benefit of a year's successful experience implementing a layered plan to maintain a healthy environment for students and staff and assure continuity of in-person learning for our students. Last year, thanks to the full support and cooperation of our entire school community, we were able to maintain in-person learning throughout the school year without any transmission of COVID-19 on campus. Our staff and board of directors worked hard to develop and monitor that plan throughout the year and it serves as a strong foundation for this coming school year. 

Once again, with the surge of the Delta variant, we will call upon our community to exercise a high level of diligence as we navigate the shifting requirements of the ongoing pandemic. Once again, our team has worked hard to study the research and recommendations of national and local experts; including those with medical and public health expertise, as well as agencies with a growing body of expertise related to best practices in independent school response to the pandemic. We've made adjustments to our plan and will continue to review and adjust it as needed throughout the year.

The full plan is attached for your information and will be posted to our website, and includes the following key layers:

  • Daily Health Screening/Family School Partnership: Experience has taught us this is our first line of defense. Please monitor your child’s health closely and keep them home if they:
    • Have a temperature at or above 100° F
    • Don’t feel well or are experiencing unexplained COVID-like symptoms
    • Have been exposed to COVID-19
  • Vaccination:  COVID -19 vaccination is currently the leading public health prevention strategy. Our community reports a very high rate of vaccination among staff and eligible students.
  • Face coverings: Face coverings, worn correctly and consistently, help prevent transmission of COVID-19. In response to the current surge in infection, we are reinstating our requirements for face coverings as follows:

Staff and adult visitors will wear face coverings indoors regardless of vaccination status

Early childhood students: Based on our experience and guidance from medical professionals, many students in this age group do not wear face coverings correctly throughout the school day; therefore, students in this age group will be supported in the correct use of face coverings indoors but not required to wear them

Lower elementary students: Because some students in this age group do not wear face coverings correctly we recommend but will not require students in this age group to wear face coverings indoors on campus

Upper elementary and middle school students will be required to wear face coverings when indoors on campus and on buses, regardless of vaccination status

Our Crisis Response Team will closely monitor the efficacy of our plan as well as conditions in the greater community and will make adjustments as needed. Please review the entire plan and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, either by email at or by phone at 918-622-2890.

We look forward to welcoming our students back to school in the coming weeks!

With warmest regards,
Nancy Davis | Head of School