Lower Elementary

Students take responsibility for learning through individualized goal setting and self-managed work records. Concrete materials and the power of storytelling are used to introduce new concepts and excite students’ interest in mathematics, geometry, language studies, and integrated studies in geography, pre-history, zoology and botany. Computers are used for writing, research and skill building. Field trips enhance learning as students begin to explore the world outside the classroom.

Lower Elementary Class Details:
  • Ages 6-9 (1st - 3rd grade)
  • Number of classes: 3
  • Number of students per classroom: 23
  • Number of guides per classroom: 2
Curriculum Extras


In the lower elementary level, students continue exploring musical genres and begin to learn musical notation while learning to sing, move to music and play a variety of instruments.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts instruction begins with third year early childhood students and continues through eighth grade in small group instruction. Students experience a rich assortment of media, techniques and styles, including clay and ceramics, paint, three dimensional art, drawing, painting, printmaking and more. The elements of art and the principals of design are taught in all the classes appropriate to the age group.


Introduction to Spanish instruction begins with whole group lessons for full day early childhood students who learn oral vocabulary and simple phrases. Instruction continues through the lower elementary level after which students begin independent study in upper elementary classes using Rosetta Stone. Independent study continues through middle school and is supplemented with regular instruction in conversational Spanish.

Physical Education

Physical education begins at the lower elementary level and continues through middle school with a focus on skill building, team work, physical fitness and fun. Cooperation is emphasized rather than competition.