About Undercroft Montessori School

Undercroft Montessori School is a small, private school located in Tulsa, Oklahoma that was established in 1964.

The focus of the school is on the individual child, providing an environment that truly inspires a life-long love of learning.

Undercroft is Tulsa's first and only accredited Montessori program, providing an authentic Montessori education.

Undercroft is located at 3745 S. Hudson in midtown Tulsa (next to Bishop Kelley).

Undercroft Montessori Facts
  • Adheres to authentic Montessori methodology and philosophy
  • Serves students age 3 through 8th grade
  • Average of 23 children and two guides (teachers) per classroom
  • Peaceful, supportive, community-focused culture
  • Non-religious

Our Mission

Undercroft Montessori School provides an authentic Montessori education. We are committed to independence in thought and action, critical and collaborative thinking, academic excellence and compassion and respect for self, community and the world.


Our Philosophy

The Montessori approach to education takes its name from Italian physician and educator, Dr. Maria Montessori. Developed over a century ago, her discoveries regarding how children develop and learn are supported by modern scientific research. Undercroft Montessori School is among thousands of Montessori schools around the world. Dr. Montessori discovered Students' education and development largely result from their own efforts:

  • Students possess a deep desire to explore their environment with all of their senses.
  • Students require freedom to move and choose their own activities.
  • Students have innate desire for purposeful work.
  • Students’ environment plays a significant role in providing information and
    opportunities for exploration.


Our Values

Members of the Undercroft community value and are committed to:

  • Nurturing the spirit of the child
  • Fostering personal responsibility for learning and life choices
  • Providing a prepared environment supporting individual students’ developmental needs at each level
  • Demonstrating community and global awareness, global citizenship and social responsibility
  • Promoting peace
  • Celebrating and honoring diversity
  • Recognizing and cultivating the whole child; physical, emotional, social and intellectual
  • Respecting our staff and fully trained guides; dedicated, compassionate and committed to ongoing professional development
  • Building strong and active partnerships among students, parents and staff
  • Thriving as a mutually respectful and supportive community

Undercroft Montessori School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national or ethnic origin, genetic information, disability, age or any other class protected by law, in administration of its policies, practices or procedures, including admission of students, tuition assistance, and educational services.